Upgrading your home

So, you’re thinking of upgrading your home? Moving up the property ladder is an exciting prospect. Your current home may be too small for your growing family.  Whatever stage you’re at in life it helps to be prepared  for the challenges that upgrading your home can throw at you.  The main question being can you afford it?

Reviewing and rearranging your mortgage and relocating to your new home can be both stressful and pleasurable as a homeowner but Imagine Home Loans are here to take any stresses away for you.

Below are some questions that you may have.

  • How will we afford the possibility of having two mortgages?
  • When should we put our existing home on the market?
  • At what point should we sign a purchase contract on our new home?
  • Will we have to repay the existing mortgage first before any lenders will consider extending our loan enough to cover the cost of our new home?
  • What is the best way to fund the deposit on our new property?
  • Is it possible to keep our existing home as an investment?
  • Is it possible to consolidate car loans, personal loans and credit cards at the same time?

Why not let us help you with the answers to the above questions. At Imagine Home Loans we specialize in making your dreams come true. We have over 25 of Australia’s leading lenders.

So for prompt friendly service, simply call Imagine Home Loans.

imagine home loans upgrading your home